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M.J. [userpic]


April 24th, 2007 (12:48 am)

feeling: awake
music and such: sleep ~ eric whitacre

so yea, its been a while......half of you know, and half of you dont.....if ya dont, well im telling you now......im back at school, im here at montclair state, singing it up and educating it up....if ya didnt put two and two together that means, im a vocal music ed major....thats for the slow learners, lol, i kid cause i love, anywho, been livin at laquinta inn in clifton for the semester, that wasnt too bad, until my room got all wet bc they were fixing the room above mine bc they were redoing the whole hotel and somehow the water pipe burst and my room got all wet, so i actually moved into the new part of the hotel before anyone else on my floor.  what a day that was it actually was the monday before valentines day, and of course on valentines day we had that storm, so we kinda got stuck at the hotel, but thankfully theres a red robin right next door, so we can go over and get some grub, actually made a new friend that day, who was in my theory and aural skills class, that was pretty kewl, and he lives 4 doors, down from me, thats always not a good thing, oh well, he became my annoying neighbor.  anywho, and i actually had a valentine on valentines day, that was nice. course the john j cali winter formal was the friday after valentines day, that was nice, met people in my department.  there are some nice people in the music department.  but, umm, i do have to say, that i made a lot of friends here, and i might have put my name out there, bc i did very well in my practicum performance for my master class and was told to audition for university singers, which is the select choir at msu, so i did, and now im kinda waiting for her to post the list to see if i made it or not, i mean i had a call back, but that doesnt mean anything.  the choir here is great we had 144 students in the choir and 44 of them were basses, there were more basses than sopranos, craziness.  but yea, and next semester ill be living ON campus, less stress there, but a shitload of classes to take, like 13 classes, thats about 17 credits, go me, lol, my bf tells me im crazy, i am, but who doesnt know that already. umm, lets see, what else.....thats about it, thats all i know of rite now that i can sum in only a few words.....ok maybe not a few.....well, all i have to say is beware the game, because once you fired the first shot, ur in it forever, or until someone loses an eye, but that doesnt stop them, they just keep shooting the darts(dont worry theyre foam velcro nerf darts) and im part of that now....oh no.....let the games begin......lets lock and load....lol, they do hurt, if aimed in the rite spot.....

M.J. [userpic]

Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.

November 15th, 2006 (09:55 pm)

feeling: indescribable
music and such: Lonestar

yesterday, i was searching for different tapes and cd's to warmup in the car with on saturday, which is my interview/audition for montclair at like 9:15 am (wish me luck i feel like i need it). i found all my tapes from the concerts and recitals i did at rvcc, man, what good songs we did, and i sang in recitals, and i usually dont like hearing myself sing bc im my worst critic, i miss some of that, the songs and music i mean. and it just goes to show ya and myself how much crap i was in musically. i even found stuff from my region choir auditions, and even a judges tape from when we did jeykll and hyde in marching band my first year, that was some kickass music especially the percussion solo in confrontation. anyway, i was looking for a specific tape, the tape of tony's speech he said at the academic awards dinner (more like dessert), and i stumbled across pictures of my last year in marching band, it was pictures of band camp. i have a picture of our cabin, "Cardinals", i was in that cabin for the 5 years i was in marching band. marching band was pretty much my life in the fall. i found two pictures i thought was interesting. one was all the girls in the cabin, which was pretty much the senior girls cabin. i look at it and go, "wow i was with these girls for about 5 years give or take, bc some of them were not in mb since 8th grade. wow it doesnt even look like im smiling, i feel like i was giving a fake smile." i dunno, maybe i was. then the second photo was all the seniors in marching band, which consisted of the 10 girls and 2 guys. im pretty much standing on the side next to will, and im not even smiling. it felt like i wasnt part of the seniors of mb. i was usually in another cabin, not even my own, i was usually with the guys hangin out with them, or even the underclassmen. then i watched the video that we got at the band banquet, it shows parts of band camp, and i look at warm ups in the beginning and im in the back i think with no seniors, just in the back stretching, then it shoots to pretty much the senior girls cabin, they're all emotional, and there is a part where its just the senior girls cabin and their takin a picture, and i notice that i am not in that picture....they show it a couple of times too, and im the one who is not really cryin, im just hugging everyone, not emotional. yea i was there for 5 years and i really didnt care that i wasnt coming back ever again. for the picture, i thought maybe i was the one takin the picture, but i thought why would i be the one takin the picture when its a picture of the senior girls, then i realized i must have been in the guys cabin or somewhere not there. every time i see that i go, and look im not in that picture isnt that funny, and i wanted to be voted senior rep that year, and it seemed like i got shot in the back, bc we had it planned, but that fell thru, we had who we were gonna vote for, but then someone didnt get voted for something, so it felt like now that that happened i didnt have a chance in hell. well, thats all in the past. i felt like i wasnt really part of that group anyway, i felt kinda outta the loop sometimes, but what am i gonna do, thats all in the past. and i dont care, well i do, a little bit. high school was interesting, i mean im happy i got and did some things, but sometimes i just, i dunno wish i did some things differently, but now that hs is over im happy the way my life is going rite now. things are going in the right direction, i think things happen for a reason and they we learn from them. so i am not complaining, i dont think i was complaining before i was just expressing myself. all i know is the journey is written out not the destination, or is it i choose my own destiny, or there is a fine line between coincidence and fate....i dont remember...oh well. i hope y'all catch my drift. i was also thinking about the first time i performed in Bye Bye Birdie, i played Helen, and one of the few sopranos (ok, pretty much the only one) who could and was allowed to hit the top notes in all the songs. I realized that it seemed like didnt really have a part, i wasnt even in the second act except for maybe the last scene, the reason for that was bc i was in region choir again and rehearsals were at the same time, so i think they just didnt want to teach me the dance steps and blocking, oh well, i kinda wasnt really pleased with that performance that much, then the second time i did the show, i had an actual part, ok it was Mrs Merkle, but still i had lines and was in the show, and i liked the cast much better in this one than the last one, i dunno, i think it was the atmosphere and there was no high school drama, and i think i will be friends with this cast for a long time, than i was with the first cast, i mean im still friends with a select few from the first bye bye birdie, but i dont think i talk to them as much as i do the second cast. i think the best shows (musicals) i did, which was 4, was Working (RVCC) and Bye Bye Birdie (Talent Time) why bc of the cast and we had some kickass performances and i had fun doing it and i was a part of it, i wasnt just in the background singing i was doing shit. yay for those two performances :). okay i think i am done with my rambling, so i will leave you with these a couple words of wisdom:

~ Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity. And so we ask ourselves: will our actions echo across centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone, and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved?

~ Difficult times call for unique measures.

~ For what we do in life echoes in eternity.

the other day or so, i was reading my past blogs that i have done, and wow.....as i read them i think, my god, i cant believe i wrote that and saying like omg, what was i thinking. thats all in the past now, i am a new person, and i like the way i am now. i think i can say that i have changed this year, and thats a good thing. change is healthy and sometimes a good thing. my life is going in the right direction, so far. made new friends during the summer, kept and still keeping in touch with some of them. and i look back to when i was still at rvcc and del val, and think of all the peoplei was friends with during that time. wow, i hardly see any of them, or even talk to them, i mean i try to keep in contact with them, but i dunno. it seems like we parted ways and are on different paths now, and it will take some time to get back on the same page. i converse and hang out with a few of them, when theyre home from college or they didnt go to college. and i can say that i am kinda glad to be outta rvcc, so many things happened there. i mean there were some good things, being in the wonderful music program, jamming with other musicians in ensemble collaborations class, and of course the musical, "Working". i think back and look at all the people i met, and right now one name stands out in my head, some of you (esp. lynda) knows who i am talking about. he was a pure asshole and yea, i dont say that about many people, but he really was. i dunno why i was ever friends with him. anyway other than that lovely incident, it was a wonderful experience. i have come to the conclusion that this summer helped me grow more. i actually had a summer of fun, i did things other than work, and maybe go out with my friends (which was like maybe 3 times during the whole summer). virginia with lynda, lisa, and mike was awesome, i definetly needed that little vacation. talent time was the best, especially the people i became friends with. i loved it. even went to wonderful weddings and was in one in may. yay for weddings esp with paul, julie and mike <3. so far everything is going my way, right now i found someone that treats me wonderfully, i love going out with him, he is the greatest. but i dont want to jinx it so i will knock on wood (*knocks). ok, better. i think i might have found what i have been looking for, i just didnt realize it till now. i was wandering trying to find my place and i think i found it, i hope im not wrong, bc i like it here, i think ill stay.

thank you to all who are in my life now, i love you all. those who are in my past life, i miss you, and i still love you.

sorry for my ramblings, i write what is on my mind, if it makes sense or not. i just wanted to say that to all who read my blogs.

M.J. [userpic]

happy birthday to me!!

July 23rd, 2006 (05:49 pm)

feeling: ecstatic
music and such: Lonestar ~ What about Now

interesting week, and month and such. In the past week i have ya know, moved trees with lisa in bloomfield bc the cops wouldnt do anything about it. it was really big branches too, hehe. umm, lets see, my birthday was on thursday, yay for me being 21, and thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday. didnt do anything special except go to work and then rehearsal after that. i went to the bar on friday, got some drinks in me and played darts, i was pretty good at it. one game was boys vs girls and the girls beat the guys, that was fun, and then it was like a four player game of 701, i was in dead last then i made it to second place with the score of four. haha. go me! then yesterday i had a car wash to go to in bloomfield, then lisa and i went to a concert at monticello raceway. we saw.... LONESTAR .... it was fucking amazing, we got the bands attention bc we were dancing the whole time, we even got compliments from some of the people in the audience, that was funny. btw, if anyone wants to come to the show that i am in heres the info:

The Charles Seller Foundation presents:
The Talent Time Players
In their 2006 Production of
Bye, Bye, Birdie!
to benefit Samantha Spagnuolo of Bloomfield, NJ

August 3,4,5,10,11,12

All performances will be held at:

Bloomfield Middle School,
60 Huck Road,
Bloomfield, NJ

...and will begin at 8:00 PM

Ticket are:
$12 - General Admission
$10 - Seniors and Students with ID

its two weekends of performances....its gonna be great, great cast, those of you who were in the show at del val 2003, talent time's version is SOOOO much better, we have a better conrad, and albert, sorry joe and rob....it is such a wonderful cast.

M.J. [userpic]

(no subject)

May 15th, 2006 (09:28 pm)

feeling: high
music and such: Golden Years ~ David Bowie

hey y'all,

i love it, i hardly ever update this thing, should do it more often to keep you guys updated on my life. let's see the last time i updated was a long ass time ago. let's see, between the rehearsals and school and life a lot has gone on. I had rehearsals for the musical like everyday until the show. it was quite fun i met a lot of people through that show and have learned to love them. the show went well, we sold out the last two nights of the show, and had standing ovations from the audience all four nights. i loved it, being on stage performing infront of people. it was great. the cast party was just as great. it was in south orange and my friend mike's house. It was great, ya know whats funny when your like drinking schmirnoff twisted and plaing wobbly bobbly and mario kart double dash, now thats entertainment right there, and i was on my third....i think... anywho, we had fun, got some pics they are not incriminating fotos. and it wasnt a cast party that was after a del val production. course ya know i only had about two hours of sleep bc i had to take someone home bc they had work, but they never did go to work. but thats another story. umm, weeks after, more like a week not even was the music students recital, which went pretty well, i sang two songs, and i had a costume change inbetween both of them. it was great. the outfit i changed into was a long black skirt with a slit up the thigh and a backless tank top, and the outfit i had before was a short dress i wore last year. the reason i changed was because i sang a classical song first, then a couple songs later was me and it was a jazzy song, God Bless the Child. it was kickass, i think a lot of people liked my costume change. let's see ive been playin texas hold 'em a lot, and ive been winning some rounds and losing others but still having fun. i did relay for life this year at RVCC and i walked for 13 HOURS, yes, 13 HRS, it was crazy. one of the reasons why i walked for so long is bc once i start i just cant stop. and i didnt just walk, i danced around and sang with two other girls from my team it was great. and right after relay for life ended i had to go home and get ready for a bridal shower for rachel, and lets just say i didnt sleep for 36 hours, so i was a tired son of a bitch. last week was the last week of classes and we had a picnic like we do eery year and me, lisa, and lynda colored frisbees, mine came out the best out of all three of us. and this week is finals week and i only have one final and that is my jury, and then i have an awards dinner to go to bc i got the music award from the vapa department, and then the day after i have talent time auditions with lynda, and then that wednesday i have graduation. yay me. then a week later im goin to VIRGINIA!!!!!!!! for a week!!! and today i was going through boxes to try and condense and i found so many memories that i put away, it was great, i even found my collection of POGS, does anyone remember pogs?? anywho, now its time to sleep, if y'all want more details on the events that surpassed lemme know...

i love y'all

M.J. [userpic]

busy? i think not

March 17th, 2006 (02:49 pm)

feeling: mischievous
music and such: I'm Just Movin' ~ Working Soundtrack

first things first....

well, lets see, ive had rehearsal like everyday since the beginning of the semester...
what fun that was. 4 days a week for 4 hours. met some interesting people thru musical practice. made some friends and shit. let's see school is goin good, i'm takin at least 7 classes, monday thru thursday and i'm there for almost 12 hours and plus i have work and shit. classes are pretty fun this semester, i am graduating in may, which is gonna be kickass, and i will have an associates degree. yay. umm, let's see, what else is new in my life?? well, come see the musical, im in it, i'm a soloist singer (so i get a fun song), i also have a monologue (i'm a telephone operator), and i'm one of the dancers. yea, i'm a dancer in a musical, that never happened at del val, so ha! and i'm pretty good, any way..here's the days of performance:

April 19(Wednesday) to April 22(Saturday)
at Raritan Valley Community College, starts at 7:30pm
tickets are $10 for general public and $8 for students

If you want to go, just get in touch with me

the name of the musical is WORKING, Bridgewater-Raritan High School is doin the show as well, and their shows are this weekend, and i shall be going either tonight or tomorrow. havent decided. btw. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!! thought you outta know, a lot of ya are prolly goin out drinkin, well, i know of at least one, and i told him not to drive home, which is good that he's not goin to. Well i'm off to play piano b/c i havent done so in a while, and i promise i will update again soon. Adios.

M.J. [userpic]

i need some input

January 15th, 2006 (11:54 am)

feeling: confused
music and such: King Arthur Soundtrack

ok, i've been goin over some stuff in my head and i've been thinking....and i need some of yous guys input....and some of ya have seen me with long and short so, i need y'all opinion...

Should i grow out my hair...or leave it short...im just at a standstill.....help...please....

it would be very much appreiciated....thanks

and if its not too much trouble...could ya help me on this one too....

arggg....im goin crazy tryin to find colleges to transfer to....


its very hard to find a goddman college to apply to that isnt THAT expensive.....some help would be nice.....

thanks so much to all that will respond.....weeeeeeeeeeee

M.J. [userpic]

happy new year!!!

January 1st, 2006 (12:54 pm)

feeling: crushed
music and such: red vs. blue

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she's a little runawayCollapse )

M.J. [userpic]

christmas in like 3 days....

December 22nd, 2005 (01:57 pm)

feeling: crazy
music and such: it's an art ~working soundtrack

so ya dudes and dudettes, how's it hangin...woah...been a fun couple of weeks....lets see....what did i do....oh yes, ummm....the week of the 12th was a hectic week....i had a merger commitee meeting for star, then i had dance dress rehearsal on tuesday, and wednesday and thursday was the recital....oh it was oh so much fun, i like it when everyone does warm-ups together and i like doing across the floor work...or dance was pretty fun, we were the first ones on the program, so we were starting the show....i like the show i saw it like 3 times....i really liked cori's pieces...they were very welly coreographed....the modern dances were kewl too....lets see oh on thursday i had a rehearsal for master chorale at the same time as the dance recital....lets see i didnt go to master chorale b/c master chorale blows...anywho, my ensmbcolb proffessor embarrassed me on thursday, like really bad, i got all red in the face....its a long story if ya wanna know ill tell ya later...then on friday the master chorale performed their winter concert....oh what fun it was....i have nothing else to say about that...one monday and tuesday auditions for working the musical took place....i of course auditioned bc i miss doing musicals and plays....and yea....i thought i was just gonna be in the ensemble but no....i got the millwork song, heather who is a telephone operator monologue, and im in the ensemble....oh this is gonna be so much fun...i just gotta find some character shoes.....yea...thats gonna be hard...anywho...ummm...i had my lst final last nite so i have no more class until i think the last monday in january...im not quite sure, and i still have to sign up for classes, hehe...ummm, yea, i finally finished my xmas shopping although i gotta get something for my cuz, i just dont know what yet...ill think of something, they're all supposed to be here monday, its gonna be interesting, considering i just redyed my hair again...hehe...ill have to get some pics up...well, i have to go and do some straightening up....that's what makes it an art.....

3 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS....whoodathunk...

M.J. [userpic]

The First Sentences Of 2005

December 10th, 2005 (06:44 pm)

feeling: creative
music and such: Home ~ Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

Repost the first sentence of the posts for the beginning of each month.
This is your 2005 LJ Year in Review.

January: so yea it's been a while....ummm.....monday, i have no clue what i did on monday, i think i went to work....i dont really remember, or maybe i didnt....too long ago....i dont think i did

February: since im being badgered into updating, im updating now, are u happy yet??

March: just found this out yesterday from cati and sarah decker....

April: hey, kids hectic week this week...let's see this past weekend, ya know, when it poured like hell here in hunterdon county, me and my sister planned a surprise anninversary party for my parents, and of course it had to rain

May: i picked 3 new user pics, and i have 4 on hold if i get bored of the ones i have....

June: lets see, umm yesterday i went to the inspection station to get reinspected and they told me i could b/c i didnt have the reciepts for the things i fixed b/c i failed for emissions, omg, i was so pissed when they told me that i couldnt get it reinspected, i waited 70mins, i was so fuckin pissed, then i took my car to midway lst nite to get it fixed and such, and its still there and i have work tomorrow, omg i hate not havin a car

July: wow, haven't updated this thing in a while, mind as well make y'all happy by updatin. umm, got a new job, started like on the 1st of july, im a custodian at Eisenhower school in bridgewater, i work 7-330. umm, let's see, i went to a somerset partiots game last nite, was the only girl, there were 5 other guys, went with the boy...

August: well, here i am, i know y'all missed me, lol, then again maybe not. ummm, been keepin pretty busy, with work, 40 hrs a week, and i even get breaks, yay!, umm, also been keepin busy with the boy

September: omg, i love doing captain morgan poses especially when its aimed at one specific person and they dont pay any attention to it....and then when u have some fun ppl to do the poses with ya...

October: yea, umm, whats new in my life...ummm, we're dancing to "Hollaback Girl" for dance class, thats gonna be real entertaining...

November: help...so yea...im bein hit on from myspace again....its like deja vu all effin over again, and i cant deal with it...i wanna tell him my heart belongs to another, which really it does i aint lyin, but i dont know how to let him down gently, if i can.....

December: woah, we're halfway there, wo-ah, livin on a prayer.....i was at good ol ruby tuesdays today for two hours b/c it was one of my friends birfday....he works there

M.J. [userpic]

woashot through the heart and your to blame, darlin you give love a bad name

December 10th, 2005 (06:27 pm)

feeling: crazy
music and such: Art is Calling To Me (Music Students Recital Fall 2005)

woah, we're halfway there, wo-ah, livin on a prayer.....i was at good ol ruby tuesdays today for two hours b/c it was one of my friends birfday....he works there...ummm....whats new with me....ummm, absolutley nothing, still the same old missy...well, lets see i have a dance recital on wednesday and thursday at 8 in the nash theatre...were the first one's up and we're doin a dance to "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani...ummm, yea and my master chorale concert is friday at 8, which is ok, i guess, i wont be at monday's rehearsal or thursdays rehearsal, and i havent told him about monday's whoops, oh well, i know my music, and plus we're doin a christmas carol sing along and i know all the carols we're doin and im gonna do the descant for the ones that i know....well, who cares, lets see auditions for i believe RVCC's first musical, which is WORKING (oh how much fun is that gonna be), is the 19th and 20th, and im kinda excited about that because i love doin musicals and i hope i cast for a really kewl part....ummm, i got so much things due, i have a research paper due on wednesday....i cant even remember how to rite a friggin research paper its been so long since i wrote one....and i have so many style analysises to do and i have to analyze an effin 3 movement sonata by beethoven...its extrememly hard, and yea....im goin nuts....arrrggggg....other than that im fin and i guess this is it....i'll talk to y'all later with updates.....i just wanna say this, its Dominic the Donkey, the Italian Christmas Donkey...hehe

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