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M.J. [userpic]

woashot through the heart and your to blame, darlin you give love a bad name

December 10th, 2005 (06:27 pm)

feeling: crazy
music and such: Art is Calling To Me (Music Students Recital Fall 2005)

woah, we're halfway there, wo-ah, livin on a prayer.....i was at good ol ruby tuesdays today for two hours b/c it was one of my friends birfday....he works there...ummm....whats new with me....ummm, absolutley nothing, still the same old missy...well, lets see i have a dance recital on wednesday and thursday at 8 in the nash theatre...were the first one's up and we're doin a dance to "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani...ummm, yea and my master chorale concert is friday at 8, which is ok, i guess, i wont be at monday's rehearsal or thursdays rehearsal, and i havent told him about monday's whoops, oh well, i know my music, and plus we're doin a christmas carol sing along and i know all the carols we're doin and im gonna do the descant for the ones that i know....well, who cares, lets see auditions for i believe RVCC's first musical, which is WORKING (oh how much fun is that gonna be), is the 19th and 20th, and im kinda excited about that because i love doin musicals and i hope i cast for a really kewl part....ummm, i got so much things due, i have a research paper due on wednesday....i cant even remember how to rite a friggin research paper its been so long since i wrote one....and i have so many style analysises to do and i have to analyze an effin 3 movement sonata by beethoven...its extrememly hard, and yea....im goin nuts....arrrggggg....other than that im fin and i guess this is it....i'll talk to y'all later with updates.....i just wanna say this, its Dominic the Donkey, the Italian Christmas Donkey...hehe