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The First Sentences Of 2005

December 10th, 2005 (06:44 pm)

feeling: creative
music and such: Home ~ Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

Repost the first sentence of the posts for the beginning of each month.
This is your 2005 LJ Year in Review.

January: so yea it's been a while....ummm.....monday, i have no clue what i did on monday, i think i went to work....i dont really remember, or maybe i didnt....too long ago....i dont think i did

February: since im being badgered into updating, im updating now, are u happy yet??

March: just found this out yesterday from cati and sarah decker....

April: hey, kids hectic week this week...let's see this past weekend, ya know, when it poured like hell here in hunterdon county, me and my sister planned a surprise anninversary party for my parents, and of course it had to rain

May: i picked 3 new user pics, and i have 4 on hold if i get bored of the ones i have....

June: lets see, umm yesterday i went to the inspection station to get reinspected and they told me i could b/c i didnt have the reciepts for the things i fixed b/c i failed for emissions, omg, i was so pissed when they told me that i couldnt get it reinspected, i waited 70mins, i was so fuckin pissed, then i took my car to midway lst nite to get it fixed and such, and its still there and i have work tomorrow, omg i hate not havin a car

July: wow, haven't updated this thing in a while, mind as well make y'all happy by updatin. umm, got a new job, started like on the 1st of july, im a custodian at Eisenhower school in bridgewater, i work 7-330. umm, let's see, i went to a somerset partiots game last nite, was the only girl, there were 5 other guys, went with the boy...

August: well, here i am, i know y'all missed me, lol, then again maybe not. ummm, been keepin pretty busy, with work, 40 hrs a week, and i even get breaks, yay!, umm, also been keepin busy with the boy

September: omg, i love doing captain morgan poses especially when its aimed at one specific person and they dont pay any attention to it....and then when u have some fun ppl to do the poses with ya...

October: yea, umm, whats new in my life...ummm, we're dancing to "Hollaback Girl" for dance class, thats gonna be real entertaining...

November: help...so yea...im bein hit on from myspace again....its like deja vu all effin over again, and i cant deal with it...i wanna tell him my heart belongs to another, which really it does i aint lyin, but i dont know how to let him down gently, if i can.....

December: woah, we're halfway there, wo-ah, livin on a prayer.....i was at good ol ruby tuesdays today for two hours b/c it was one of my friends birfday....he works there