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M.J. [userpic]

May 15th, 2006 (09:28 pm)

feeling: high
music and such: Golden Years ~ David Bowie

hey y'all,

i love it, i hardly ever update this thing, should do it more often to keep you guys updated on my life. let's see the last time i updated was a long ass time ago. let's see, between the rehearsals and school and life a lot has gone on. I had rehearsals for the musical like everyday until the show. it was quite fun i met a lot of people through that show and have learned to love them. the show went well, we sold out the last two nights of the show, and had standing ovations from the audience all four nights. i loved it, being on stage performing infront of people. it was great. the cast party was just as great. it was in south orange and my friend mike's house. It was great, ya know whats funny when your like drinking schmirnoff twisted and plaing wobbly bobbly and mario kart double dash, now thats entertainment right there, and i was on my third....i think... anywho, we had fun, got some pics they are not incriminating fotos. and it wasnt a cast party that was after a del val production. course ya know i only had about two hours of sleep bc i had to take someone home bc they had work, but they never did go to work. but thats another story. umm, weeks after, more like a week not even was the music students recital, which went pretty well, i sang two songs, and i had a costume change inbetween both of them. it was great. the outfit i changed into was a long black skirt with a slit up the thigh and a backless tank top, and the outfit i had before was a short dress i wore last year. the reason i changed was because i sang a classical song first, then a couple songs later was me and it was a jazzy song, God Bless the Child. it was kickass, i think a lot of people liked my costume change. let's see ive been playin texas hold 'em a lot, and ive been winning some rounds and losing others but still having fun. i did relay for life this year at RVCC and i walked for 13 HOURS, yes, 13 HRS, it was crazy. one of the reasons why i walked for so long is bc once i start i just cant stop. and i didnt just walk, i danced around and sang with two other girls from my team it was great. and right after relay for life ended i had to go home and get ready for a bridal shower for rachel, and lets just say i didnt sleep for 36 hours, so i was a tired son of a bitch. last week was the last week of classes and we had a picnic like we do eery year and me, lisa, and lynda colored frisbees, mine came out the best out of all three of us. and this week is finals week and i only have one final and that is my jury, and then i have an awards dinner to go to bc i got the music award from the vapa department, and then the day after i have talent time auditions with lynda, and then that wednesday i have graduation. yay me. then a week later im goin to VIRGINIA!!!!!!!! for a week!!! and today i was going through boxes to try and condense and i found so many memories that i put away, it was great, i even found my collection of POGS, does anyone remember pogs?? anywho, now its time to sleep, if y'all want more details on the events that surpassed lemme know...

i love y'all