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M.J. [userpic]

happy birthday to me!!

July 23rd, 2006 (05:49 pm)

feeling: ecstatic
music and such: Lonestar ~ What about Now

interesting week, and month and such. In the past week i have ya know, moved trees with lisa in bloomfield bc the cops wouldnt do anything about it. it was really big branches too, hehe. umm, lets see, my birthday was on thursday, yay for me being 21, and thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday. didnt do anything special except go to work and then rehearsal after that. i went to the bar on friday, got some drinks in me and played darts, i was pretty good at it. one game was boys vs girls and the girls beat the guys, that was fun, and then it was like a four player game of 701, i was in dead last then i made it to second place with the score of four. haha. go me! then yesterday i had a car wash to go to in bloomfield, then lisa and i went to a concert at monticello raceway. we saw.... LONESTAR .... it was fucking amazing, we got the bands attention bc we were dancing the whole time, we even got compliments from some of the people in the audience, that was funny. btw, if anyone wants to come to the show that i am in heres the info:

The Charles Seller Foundation presents:
The Talent Time Players
In their 2006 Production of
Bye, Bye, Birdie!
to benefit Samantha Spagnuolo of Bloomfield, NJ

August 3,4,5,10,11,12

All performances will be held at:

Bloomfield Middle School,
60 Huck Road,
Bloomfield, NJ

...and will begin at 8:00 PM

Ticket are:
$12 - General Admission
$10 - Seniors and Students with ID

its two weekends of performances....its gonna be great, great cast, those of you who were in the show at del val 2003, talent time's version is SOOOO much better, we have a better conrad, and albert, sorry joe and rob....it is such a wonderful cast.