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April 24th, 2007 (12:48 am)

feeling: awake
music and such: sleep ~ eric whitacre

so yea, its been a while......half of you know, and half of you dont.....if ya dont, well im telling you now......im back at school, im here at montclair state, singing it up and educating it up....if ya didnt put two and two together that means, im a vocal music ed major....thats for the slow learners, lol, i kid cause i love, anywho, been livin at laquinta inn in clifton for the semester, that wasnt too bad, until my room got all wet bc they were fixing the room above mine bc they were redoing the whole hotel and somehow the water pipe burst and my room got all wet, so i actually moved into the new part of the hotel before anyone else on my floor.  what a day that was it actually was the monday before valentines day, and of course on valentines day we had that storm, so we kinda got stuck at the hotel, but thankfully theres a red robin right next door, so we can go over and get some grub, actually made a new friend that day, who was in my theory and aural skills class, that was pretty kewl, and he lives 4 doors, down from me, thats always not a good thing, oh well, he became my annoying neighbor.  anywho, and i actually had a valentine on valentines day, that was nice. course the john j cali winter formal was the friday after valentines day, that was nice, met people in my department.  there are some nice people in the music department.  but, umm, i do have to say, that i made a lot of friends here, and i might have put my name out there, bc i did very well in my practicum performance for my master class and was told to audition for university singers, which is the select choir at msu, so i did, and now im kinda waiting for her to post the list to see if i made it or not, i mean i had a call back, but that doesnt mean anything.  the choir here is great we had 144 students in the choir and 44 of them were basses, there were more basses than sopranos, craziness.  but yea, and next semester ill be living ON campus, less stress there, but a shitload of classes to take, like 13 classes, thats about 17 credits, go me, lol, my bf tells me im crazy, i am, but who doesnt know that already. umm, lets see, what else.....thats about it, thats all i know of rite now that i can sum in only a few words.....ok maybe not a few.....well, all i have to say is beware the game, because once you fired the first shot, ur in it forever, or until someone loses an eye, but that doesnt stop them, they just keep shooting the darts(dont worry theyre foam velcro nerf darts) and im part of that now....oh no.....let the games begin......lets lock and load....lol, they do hurt, if aimed in the rite spot.....


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Posted at: April 8th, 2011 01:01 pm (UTC)

Great writing! I want you to follow up to this topic!?!